Hollywood mirrors – Part 1



The iconic Hollywood sign in the hills of Los Angeles, California… and not one holly tree in sight

I wanted to speak a bit today about the power of Hollywood and mirrors, and why it is imperative that we break free of its programming. In this first part, I want to concentrate on the history and the symbolism of the Holly-wood.

For me the term Hollywood does not just refer to films, music and the like but all Western popular culture. Rather than a popular culture, this is more like a mass spell that has been cast over us for generations now through its films, its merchandise and various other spin-offs. We’ve all been mind controlled and programmed by this nefarious cult.

As a follower of the ancient European ways, it is no surprise to me that to accomplish this Sleeping Beauty-like feat over the West, the sacred symbols of European traditions were taken and egregiously appropriated in the process. This happens time and again.

Often, traditional European symbols are taken and used against us in the West because we resonate deeply with them. These ancient symbols are encoded into our collective memory over thousands of years of use, so resonating with them is natural for us.

Unfortunately, it means that many lies and half-truths can be presented to us wrapped up in European symbols and we will be more inclined to believe them, as that is how strong the resonance is (it also explains why the Christian church, for example, tacked on their Holy Days to these times of the year – to make them ‘stick’ better). In this case, the symbols of holly and the implication of evergreen are being used here.

To the ancient Druids, the holly was, and is, a very sacred tree – King of the Forest. Even the mighty oak couldn’t surpass its great power, namely that it is able to retain its vitality and strength (its ever-greenery) through the depths of winter, which is why it’s so synonymous with Yule and Christmas – it represents the life of the coming year, as well as the birth of the Christ in Christianity and the hope associated with it. Holly groves were formidable places of might and potency.

So, Hollywood takes its symbolism from the holly groves of yore. Holly is also a tree of magic, power and creating illusion. It is supposed to spread life to the land and support it through its darkest times. However, we can see that Hollywood, as is usual with evil operations, has taken the power and energy of this European symbol (where do holly trees grow in the desert lands of California?) and done the reverse.

The use of greenery as a symbol is also evident, and as a result it’s easy to see why Hollywood is obsessed with youth and vitality, and why it has been linked to paedophilic practices. Inevitably, it seeks a never-ending source of youth of and innocence to perpetuate itself – not just literally, but figuratively.

In recent years, much-needed attention has been focused on the literal depravity of Hollywood, yet the figurative aspect has been neglected in the process. This is also important, as this is how it enslaves most of us. Many people rely on Hollywood and popular culture as their imaginative and cultural touchstone. Such reliance makes it easy for Hollywood to control and influence our imaginations.

Our dreams, visions and hopes for the future are wide open for being influenced. It is an evil spell worthy of Maleficent herself, and each time we partake of it, we prick our finger on the spindle again and again.

Sleeping Beauty

And after pricking her finger on the spindle, she fell asleep for 100 years…