Hollywood Mirrors, Part 2: The Silver Screen



The Snow Queen by Elena Ringo, used under Creative Commons

Following on from my last post, I wanted to further explore the imagery of Hollywood and its importance in culture. In my last post, I explained about how Hollywood uses the ancient European symbols of the Holly tree (a wood commonly associated with making wands) and the evergreen to worm its way into our psyche (through ancestral resonance with those symbols). So today, I wanted to discuss other Hollywood appropriation of European folk imagery and how it is used against us.

All culture is a mirror. Hollywood knows this and describes itself thus but in a understated way using the euphemism ‘the silver screen’. The silver screen is just another word for mirror and by describing itself as ‘THE silver screen’ it subtly asserts itself as the definitive mirror and therefore the source of culture for the Western world. However, the screen/mirror in question is silver, so what does this mean? The purpose of the silver is two-fold. Firstly, this mirror is not clear, not sharp, not defined – it’s opaque, dulled and subject to misinterpretation. Silver is also a sign of riches, wealth and glamour. It’s a little trick to get you to love the confusion you see in the mirror, plus it makes a lot of money for those who run it.  The use of the word screen is interesting because as well as being a neat bit of alliteration, it not only denotes mirror but the sense of keeping something hidden. It’s a magic mirror indeed.

Mirrors are a well-known talisman in European folklore for being magical and revealing the truth about ourselves, or for predicting the future or showing the past in some way, as they are closely linked to crystal balls (such as the Magic Mirror in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the Mirror in Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott and, most importantly, the Mirror from Hans Christen Andersen’s The Snow Queen, which epitomises how Hollywood works).

The importance of culture is that as you participate in it (symbolically looking into the mirror), you see yourself reflected back at you, people with the same outlook on the world, who think like you, look like you, speak the way you do, as did their ancestors and yours. It is where we experience the collective folk soul. So obviously, to take control of a people and their collective folk soul, taking over their cultural output and how they see themselves would be high on the agenda.

The culture created by Hollywood and the mass media is akin to the Magic Mirror of the Snow Queen “which had this peculiarity, that everything good and beautiful that was reflected in it shrank… but that whatever was worthless or ugly became prominent”. 

It’s not difficult to see how this relates today.

The_Shard_from_the_Sky_Garden_2015 (1)

The Shard, by Colin via Wikimedia Commons

In the tale,  an evil imp created this mirror, which was used to torment people by getting them to see themselves as ugly. The imps then tried to take it up to “heaven to torment the angels, but the mirror fragmented into billions of pieces”. In the story, this pleases the Imps greatly because each fragment has the same power as the original mirror. They use these shards to get into people’s eyes and blacken their hearts and souls.

I don’t think it’s necessary to dwell on the imagery further, needless to say it’s fairly straightforward how this applies to Hollywood and the mainstream media.

Incidentally, this imagery of the shard still echoes down the ages. The Modernist Shard building in London, a development owned by the Qatari government, was opposed during its proposal by English Heritage, who said it would be like a “shard of glass in the heart of London”. The developers took it on, to mock and thumb their nose at the likes of English Heritage for wanting to preserve the traditional skyline of London.  The contempt of the developers for those wishing to protect the classical architecture of the London skyline and its history is obvious.

Another example is how the term Snowflake has been used as an epithet for liberals, who always seem fairly susceptible to Hollywood and MSM programming, in my experience.

The silver screen operates on many levels, not only is it a magic mirror, a crystal ball and a splinter in the eye, but also as a knife to the heart. And it is killing us.